An Advantage Game and How It Works

The concept of “advantage games” is not familiar to all Internet users. Also, not all who use their BetChan login regularly know what games fit under this designation, and why anyone should know about it at all.

An advantage game is a game with a user advantage over the casino. It is measured in percentages and is the exact opposite of when the casino has an advantage over the users.

What Is It?

Not every game can be included in this category. Such a concept applies only to some slots, in which the calculation is carried out with some kind of mathematical superiority of the user.

As you know, land-based casinos introduce their own rules, which allow them to maintain even a minimal advantage. Mathematical advantage is also inherent in online slots, it is measured as a percentage. For example, in video poker, it is equal to 0.1%, and in European roulette 2.7%. This advantage shows how many moves (rolls) will not be productive at a certain segment of the game.

Adventive users try to take this rule into account and choose such slots, in which there is a minimum advantage. After that, they use all sorts of tricks that allow them to equalize the results or pull it to their side. This is especially interesting in offline mode, where you have to think on your own, which move to make, follow the emotions of the opponent and apply a variety of strategies.

Peculiarities of the Advantage Game

Casino game

Only in some games, it is possible to equalize the potential advantage or reduce its percentage. But to do this, users have to calculate several moves in advance.

For example, the superiority of the player is observed in the game of blackjack and some of its variations. The percentage ranges from 0.1 to 1.5%. But this is enough for a professional user. Also adventurous is poker, where the percentage of superiority of the user is up to 2%. But this is only possible if a number of rules of the game are observed: the user must constantly count, keep track of the results, not to express his emotions and many other things.

What Games Are Non-advantage?

In addition to advantage games, there are non-adventive games that have a minimum chance of mathematical miscalculation by the user. That is, the superiority of the casino is the highest. Such games include roulette, craps and keno. Nevertheless, such entertainment remains the most popular among users. And here it is not about superiority, but about the interest and excitement level itself.

Who Is an Advancer?

These are the users, who bring their game to perfection. They specialize only in certain games, and often use certain techniques to calculate the results. Advancers don’t rely on luck, they approach the game coldly, with mathematical calculation. This yields results.

This factor is not related to luck at all, it is inaccessible to newcomers. Such users must follow the strategy clearly, be attentive and diligent, and not lose their composure. To get even the minimum advantage, you need to choose the game carefully, painstakingly study the strategies and tactics, practice the games and study them thoroughly.

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