Poster Presentations


All posters will be available for viewing during both days of the conference.  Please stop by the registration area to check out everyone’s fascinating work! 

Title: Nurses’ shared and specific health care beliefs of postoperative pain assessment
Presenters: Phil Harper, Ph.D.

Title: Racial-Ethnic Disparities in Postpartum Hemorrhage in Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, and Asians
Presenters: Scott Harvey, M.D.

Title: The Use of Multi-Cultural/Multi-Lingual Employees for a Public Health Emergency Preparedness Outreach
Presenters: Mary Santa Maria

Title: Structural Cultural Knowledge Theory and Key Procedural Components: Treatment Interaction Considerations for Hispanic Patients in Emergency Settings
Presenters: Ekaterina Shapiro and Jon Shapiro, Ph.D.

Title: Medical Student Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Native Hawaiian Health
Presenters: Vanessa S. Wong, M.D., Martina L. Kamaka, M.D., Leslie L. Yap, MPH, and Nina L. Beckwith, MEdT, MS3