All posters will be available for viewing during both days of the conference.  Please stop by the registration area to check out everyone’s fascinating work! 


Title: Guidelines for Teaching Cross-Cultural Clinical Ethics
Presenters: Fern Brunger, Ph.D.


Title: Addressing Cultural Competency: A Novel Curriculum for Pediatric Residents
Presenters: D.M. Cejas, M.D., MPH, D. Adimora-Nweke, D. Girgsby, D. Ibelema, K.A. Gordon


Title: The Making of the Hard Way Pacific Region, A Culturally Relevant HIV Presentation Video
Presenters: Judith F. Clark


Title: Addressing Linguistic Barriers in Cross-Cultural Medical Interaction
Presenter: Jessica Gasiorek, Ph.D. and Kris Van de Poel, Ph.D.


Title: “We Feel Stupid And We Shouldn’t.” Towards Developing a Communicative Support System for Cuban-Trained Medical Students in South Africa
Presenters: Jessica Gasiorek, Ph.D. and Kris Van de Poel, Ph.D.


Title: Needs Analysis for Home Care Workers in Hawaii
Presenters: Kendi Ho


Title:  Living Cancer Out Loud:  Narrative Intervention and Community-Based Participation in Breast Cancer Health Literacy
Presenters: Olga Idriss Davis, Ph.D.


Title: Breast Cancer and Clinical Breast Exams: Linguistically and Culturally Focused Ways to Provide Educational Information to Filipino Women in Waipahu
Presenters: Pamela Miyshiro, RN, MSN & Partricia Burrell, Ph.D., APRN, BC


 Title:  Migrant Seasonal Farmworker Health Care in Southwest Michigan:  Models for Successful Cross-Cultural Intervention
Presenter:  Clara Schriemer and Jonathan Hagood, Ph.D.


Title: Cellophane Women:  Health Literacy in New and Expectant Mothers
Presenter:  Erica Smith


Title: Cultural Knowledge, Self-Awareness, and Practical Skills:  A Curriculum Model for Teaching Cultural Competence and Spiritual Care to Health and Human Services Professionals
Presenters: Cynthia Visscher, Ph.D.