2015 Conference Presentations

Training Initiatives in Cross Cultural Health Care – Ms. Tawara D. Goode

Trends in Medical Education Research: Diversity and Culture – Dr. Kevin Eva

The Importance of Cultural Targeting and Tailoring of Patient Decision Making Communications – Dr. Dana L Alden

“A Patchwork of Life – One Woman Story: For Women Making Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions” – Dr. Maria L. Jibaja-Weiss

Developing a PDA in a Multi-Cultural Setting: The Malaysian Experience – Dr. Chirk Jenn Ng

Using Cultural Competency to Empower Our Future Healthcare Workforce: Pipeline Initiatives of the Native Hawaiian Center of Excellence – Dr. Winona Lee

Legal and Regulatory Updates: Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Care – Mr. Mike Leoz

National Standards for Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health and Health Care – Mr Gerald Ohta

Hawaii’s Language Access Law, the Office of Language Access, and the CLAS Standards – Dr. Serafin Jun Colmenares Jr.

NA LIMAHANA O LONOPUHA NATIVE HAWAIIAN HEALTH CONSORTIUM: Adapting the Public Health Advocacy Curriculum to Address Native Hawaiian Determinants of Health – Ms. Katherine Burke, Ms. Kealoha Fox, Dr. RaeDeen M. Keahiolalo-Karasuda, Dr. Robin E.S. Miyamoto, and Dr. Diane Paloma

Competing Cultural Models in Tanzanian HIV/AIDS Prevention – Dr. Christina Higgins

HI PRAISE – Hawaii Patient Reward and Incentives to Support Empowerment Project – Dr. Rebecca Rude Ozaki

Wearable Technology for Activity and Diet Assessments – Dr. Jillian Inouye, Dr.John Mercer, Dr. Connie C. Mobley, Dr. Mohamed B. Trabia, Dr. Du Feng, Dr. Katharyn Daub, Mr. Lenard Allen & Ms. Kristen Connelly

Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Perspectives of Their Acquired Cultural Competence – Dr. Jeanie Flood & Dr. Kathleen Commendador

Update On The Cultural Awareness, Skill, & Knowledge (C-ask) Interview Tool: Cultivating Cultural Competence – Dr. Ann Marie Yamada

The Impact of Dementia on Black and Minority Ethnic Communities: Where Are We Now? – Mr. David Truswell

Experiential Learning and Unlearning: Midwifery Students’ Reflection on Delivering Health Care to Aboriginal Women in the Remote Ngaanyatjarra Lands, Western Australia – Ms. Rosalie Thackrah, Dr. Sandra Thompson, & Dr. Angela Durey

Diversity Leadership From The Inside Out – Dr. Janice Dreachslin

Innovations in Patient-Centered Care: Pivoting Towards the Future – Dr. Joseph Betancourt

UH Manoa College of Health Sciences and Social Welfare: Working Together for Cross Cultural Health Care – Dean Maenette Benham, Dean Mary Boland, Dr. Kathryn Braun, Dean Jerris Hedges, & Dean Noreen Mokuau

Evaluating the Impact of a Community-based Diabetes Intervention on Monocyte Epigenomes of Native Hawaiians and Pacific Peoples — Methodology – Ms. Kelsea Hosoda

Pacific Indigenous Reference: Institutional Power and Privilege Context – Dr. Nia Aitaoto

Measuring The Efficacy of Cultural Competency Training: Challenges and Opportunities – Dr. Alexander R. Green

Can Hawaii’s Criminal Justice System Be a Place of Healing: THE PU’UHONUA VISION – Mr. Mark Patterson, Ms. Toni Bissen, & Dr. Patrick Uchigakiuchi

Kukulu Ola: Intergrating Culture with State Government Health Planning Best Practices – Ms. Deja Ostrawski and Ms. Kealoha Fox

Native Hawaiian Model of Drug Prevention – Dr. Susana Helm, Dr. Edna Acosta Perez, Mr. Wayde Lee, Ms. Vanda Hanakahi & Haumana