2013 Conference Presentations

2013 Conference Presentations

The SPICE Professionalism Consortium: Teaching Professionalism and Interpersonal and Communication Skills to Surgery Residents – Dr. Mark Hochberg

Educating Clinicians to Provide Culturally Competent Patient-Centered Care:  Best and Promising Practices – Dr. Robert Like

Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) with Native and Pacific Populations: Addressing Cultural Competency Issues – Dr. Keawe’aimoku Kaholokula

Implementing Decision and Communication Aids in Culturally Diverse Settings – Dr. Jeff Belkora, Dr. Dana Alden

Federal and State Mandates – Mr. Gerald Ohta

Healthcare Accrediting Body Requirements – Dr. Christina Cordero

Medico-Legal Duties for Accessibility & Accountability in Delivering Safe Care – Ms. Lauren Kwak, Ms. Victoria Rollins, Mr. Arthur Roeca, Ms. Dina Shek, Ms. Jennifer Rose, Ms. Merina Sapolu, Dr. Bradley Chun, Dr. Mark Mugiishi

Personailizing Recovery-Oriented Treatment Plans: Embedding Multicultural Competence in Usual Standards for Community-Based Practices – Dr. Ann Marie Yamada

Utilization of Qualitative Methods in Cross-Cultural Research – Dr. Elyse Park

Addressing Disparities in Healthcare: What Do Cultural Competence and Health Literacy Training Have in Common? – Dr. Desiree Lie

A Multi-Method Approach to Assessing Cultural Competency in Medical Education – Jessica Goodkind, Ph.D.; Felisha Rohan-Minjares, M.D.; Valerie Romero-Leggott, M.D.

Using a Community-Based Participatory Research Approach to Teaching Medical Students About Minority Health and Disparities: The Hispanic, LGBT and African American Health Disparities Curricula at The University of Washington – David Acosta, M.D., FAAFP

A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Prevention of Early Childhood Caries in Aboriginal Infants in NSW, Australia – David Walker, BDS, MHPEd, Ph.D.; Ngiare Brown, Anthony Blinkhorn

Memory Clinic in a Patient Centered Medical Home – Ritabelle Fernandes, M.D.; Merlita Compton

Pain and Palliative Care with Seniors in Northern Canada – Nuelle Novik, MSW, Ph.D., RSW

Needs for Diabetes Care in a Rural, Underserved, Multi-Ethnic Community – Jullian Inouye, Ph.D., APRN; Merle Kataoka-Yahiro, DrPH; Nafanua Braginsky, Ph.D., APRN; Lenard Allen, MA, MFTI; Katharyn Daub, EdD, CTN

Validation of Outcome Measures Used in Rural, Integrated Healthcare Settings – Jill Oliveira Gray, Ph.D.; Annie Hermosura, MA; Heather McDermott, MA; Justin Maeda, MA

It is not where you die, but who is with you when you die: Evolving Palliative Care Practices Among Marshall Islanders in Hawaii- Lauren Okamoto, MD; Anna Tamai, MD; Sheldon Riklon, MD; Gregory Maskarinec, PhD

Cross-Cultural Research Mentoring – Drs. Jerris Hedges, Todd Seto, Bruce Shiramizu

The Cross-Cultural Care Survey and Other Cultural Training Assessment Tools – Dr. Joseph Betancourt

Culturally Competent Curricula and Training: The Native Hawaiian Center of Excellence – Drs. Winona Lee and Martina Kamaka

Language Access and the Law: Persuading Physicians to Use Interpreters – David B. Hunt, JD

Collaborating to Improve Language Access-Determining the Value of a Shared Savings Approach – Yolanda Robles, Guadalupe Pacheco

Cultural Aspects of Treating Survivors of Sex Trafficking – Mary de Chesnay, DSN, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FANN

Emergency Medical Practice: Advancing Cultural Competence and Reducing Health Care Disparities – Aasim I. Padela, MD, MSc; Imran R.A. Punekar, BS

Administering Psychological Assessments to Multiple Refugee Populations in a Cross-Cultural Setting – Suzan Song, MD, MPH; Adriana Weyandt, PsyD; Nida Mirza, MS

Building Capacity of Future Health Graduates to Work With Indigenous Australians: Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Health Educators As Intercultural Leaders – Prof. Kim Scott, A/Prof. Dawn Bessarab, Dr. Marion Kickett, A/Prof. Simon Forrest, Dr. Julie Hoffman, Dr. Angela Durey, Kate Taylor, Karen Reys, Dr. Judy Katzenellenbogen, A/Prof. Sue Jones

Addressing Hawaii’s Physician Shortage by Starting a Second Medical School Based in Waianae – Jade Bito-Onon, Thuan Nguyen, Aren Thompson, Erin Cortes

African Americans and Obesity: Cultural Acceptance and Public Opinion – Tracey M. Barnett, LGSW

The Exploration of Research Community Relationships with Marginalized Youth at Risk For or Living with HIV in the U.S. – Diana Lemos, MPH, ABD

Gender Moderates Ethnic Differences in Exposure to Race-related Events – Allison Delorefice, MS; Ivy Pan, MS; Joanna Gruen, MS; Leighna Harrison, MS; Aaron Fett, MS; Lynn C. Waelde, PhD

The Challenges of Precarious Work and Unsettling Working Conditions of Newcomers, Immigrants, and Members of the New Labor Diaspora in Canada and the Connection to Health – Iffath U.B. Syed, MPH; Ph.D. student

Culturally Competent Healthcare from the Immigrant Lens: Findings from a Qualitative Interpretive Meta-synthesis (QIMS) – Arati Maleku, MSW

The Complexity of Culture: Using an Intersectional and Social Ecological Lens to Examine the Impact of Culture on Health Disparities – Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein and Abbey Mann

I’m Culturally Competent, Now What? The Use of Inquiry Methodology to Explore Cultural Humility, Cultural Responsiveness and Critical Self-Reflection in Community-Based Participatory Research & Practice – Leah C. Neubauer, MA, Ed.D.(c)

A Systematic Review of the Use of Community-Based Participatory Research in Natural Disaster Preparedness and Recovery – Chris Crabtree, MPA, CHEP, DrPH Candidate

Examining the Role of Perspective-Taking as a Method in Acknowledging Subtle Bias Among Future Health Care Practitioners – Lizeth M. Cmacho, BA; Nkiru A. Nnawaluzi, MA; Ashlee Barnes, BA; Tiffeny Reyleen Jimenez, PhD; Cris Sullivan, PhD

Perspectives of Chuukese Patients and Their Health Care Providers on the Use of Different Interpretation Methods – Kara Wong Ramsay, MD; James Davis, PhD; Gina French, MD

The Need to Disaggregate the Asian Population: A Look at California’s Vietnamese Population – Hai Hoang

Cultural Competency Training Requirements in Graduate Medical Education – Adrian Jacques H. Ambrose