2010 Conference Presentations

2010 Conference Presentations

A Tool to Assess Sociocultural Issues Across Diverse Patient Populations – Dr. Ann-Marie Yamada

Effective Use of Medical Interpreters in the Clinical Setting – Dr. Bradley Chun and Dr. Suzanne Zheng

Working with Interpreters – Dr. Suzanne Zheng

Interpreter Code of Ethics – Dr. Suzanne Zheng

Workshop: Using the TACCT to Plan Your Curriculum – Dr. Desiree Lie

What is Culutral Competence ? – Dr. Desiree Lie

Cross Culutral Health Care Policy and Advocacy – Ms. Ellen Wu and Mr. Marty Martinez

National Landscape: Requirements for Cultural and Linguistic Access – Ms. Ellen Wu and Mr. Marty Martinez

Advocacy Worksheet – Ms. Ellen Wu and Mr. Marty Martinez

Cultural Humility and Social Justice in Medical Education – Dr. Gregory Maskareniec

Issues and Features in Hawaii Language Access – Mr. Gerald Ohta

Issues and Features in Hawaii language Access: Part Two – Mr. Gerald Ohta

Language Identification and Emergency Card  – Mr. Gerald Ohta

Delivering Quality Care to Diverse Populations: Is This Necessary and Are We Prepared ? – Dr. Joseph Betancourt

Evaluating the Impact of the Hawaii Quentin Burdick Rural Health Interdisciplinary Program – Jane J. Chung-Do

Communicating and Dealing With Conflict With Diverse Cultures – Dr. Cedric Lorenzo and Ms. Jennifer Graf Sims

Ethnicity and Trauma Outcomes – Dr. Jerris Hedges

Culturally Competent Coding– Ms. Jeri Leong

Implementation of CLAS Standards in Hawaii – Dr. Kawika Liu

Risk Management and Patient Safety in Different Cultures – Ms. Laura Dixon, Ms. Lauren Kwak, and Mr. Arthur Roeca

National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) – Ms. Laura Dixon, Ms. Lauren Kwak, and Mr. Arthur Roeca

Federal Law and Policy Issues Impacting Cultural Competency: Compliance and Enforcement – Mr. Michael Kruley

Assessment and Evaluation Resources – Dr. Marlene Lowe and Dr. Monica Stitt-Bergh

Utilizing Peace Corps Volunteers in International Community Health – Mr. Shawn Barnes

Hawaii’s Language Access Law – Mr. Serafin Colmenares

Develop, Assess, Evaluate Cultural Competency Efforts – Dr. Susana Helm, Dr. Dale Fryxell, and Dr. Cliff O’Donnell

Evaluation with Community Groups Workshop Agenda – Dr. Angela Sy

NZAID Guidelines on Participatory Evaluations – Dr. Angela Sy

Participatory Evaluation – Dr. Angela Sy

Tools for Participatory Evaluation  – Dr. Angela Sy

Engaging Stakeholders – Dr. Angela Sy

Writing Smart Objectives – Dr. Angela Sy

Completing a Workplan – Dr. Angela Sy

Choosing Evaluation Methods – Dr. Angela Sy

Reporting Evaluation Results – Dr. Angela Sy

Review of Participatiory Evaluation Processes – Dr. Angela Sy

Workshop Binder 1 – Dr. Angela Sy

Workshop Binder 2 – Dr. Angela Sy