Lead Organization

Department of Surgery
John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM)
University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM)

The UHM Department of Surgery’s mission “is to provide high quality, innovative patient care through surgical education and research.”

Collaborating Organizations

Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

The UHM Department of Family Medicine and Community Health’s mission “is to both practice and teach high-quality medicine within the context of the basic principles of Family Medicine, namely: continuity of care; family oriented comprehensive and holistic are; community orientation; cost-effective service; and highest quality of care possible.”

Department of Geriatric Medicine

The creation of the UHM Department of Geriatric Medicine officially recognizes not only the strong preexisting academic and research programs of the geriatric program, but acknowledges that Hawaii is an aging state with the longest life expectancy in the nation. The department provides education for: medical students, residents in internal medicine, family practice and ob-gyn, fellows in geriatric medicine and geriatric psychiatry, practicing physicians and allied health professionals. The Pacific Islands Geriatric Education Center provides interdisciplinary training for practicing health professionals throughout the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands.

Department of Native Hawaiian Health

“The mission of the Department of Native Hawaiian Health is to be an academic center of excellence committed to optimal health and wellness for all Native Hawaiian people through research, education, and quality health practices. To accomplish this mission, the department will actively seek partnerships with others in the community who share our mission and vision.”

Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work

“The mission of the Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work is to provide educational excellence that advances social work with its focus on social justice. The principal responsibility is the generation, transmission, and application of knowledge for the global enterprise with special attention to Native Hawaiian, other Pacific Islander, and Asian populations in our state and region.”

Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health

“The mission of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health is to advance women’s health by promoting and practicing excellence in education, research, clinical care, and community service in a sustainable fashion. We value integrity and excellence, and continuously strive towards the highest levels of adherence to moral and ethical principles while upholding the highest quality of our services to the women of Hawai’i.

Department of Psychiatry

The mission of the Department of Psychiatry is “to contribute to the overall mission of the John A. Burns’ School of Medicine by providing leadership in psychiatric education and training, research, faculty development and clinical services in Hawaii, Asia and the Pacific Basin. The Department is committed to expanding knowledge with a cross-cultural, biological psychological and social framework.”

Office of Public Health Studies

The Office of Public Health Studies’ mission is “to advance the health of the peoples of Hawaii, the nation, and the Asia-Pacific region through the education and training of public health professionals, innovative research in the public health sciences, and service to the community.”

UHM Hawai`inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge

The mission of the Hawai`inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge is “to pursue, perpetuate, research, and revitalize all areas and forms of Hawaiian knowledge, including its language, origins, history, arts, sciences, literature, religion, and education; its law and society; its political, medicinal, and cultural practices; as well as all other forms of knowledge. We recognize the unique status of the Native Hawaiian people and recognize their unique connection to these forms of knowledge by encouraging, supporting, facilitating, and ensuring the incorporation of Native Hawaiians at all levels of the university. We seek to accomplish this mission with a Native Hawaiian perspective that recognizes the holistic aspects of this knowledge, its diversities, and the importance of practical applications. Our mission is to apply this knowledge to provide service and support to the Hawaiian community, as well as extending this knowledge outward from the academy and the community, into the Pacific and other international domains.”

UHM School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene

The mission of the UHM School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene (SONDH) is to “provide an innovative, caring and multicultural environment in which faculty, students and staff work together to generate and transmit knowledge, wisdom, and values to promote quality of life and health for present and future generations. To better reflect Hawaii’s unique cultural diversity and heritage, SONDH is committed to increasing Native Hawaiian and other underserved people in all nursing and dental hygiene programs.” Its core commitments are research, educational effectiveness, social justice, place, economic development, culture and society, and technology.

American College of Surgeons – Hawaii Chapter

The mission of the Hawaii Chapter of the American College of Surgeons is to “promote and advance the education, quality, character and integrity of surgeons in Hawaii in their continued efforts to provide superior medical care to the people of Hawaii.”

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