Abstract Call

Call for Presentations

5th Cross Cultural Health Care Conference:
Collaborative and Multidisciplinary Interventions

February 17-18, 2017
Ala Moana Hotel


Invitation to Submit Abstracts

Abstract Call Opens on March 1, 2016

Abstract Call Ends on May 31, 2016


Abstract submissions must fit under one of these three categories:


  • Recognize various cultural groups, including, but not limited to race and ethnicity, and identify specific and shared health care needs
  • Review how cultural training has been implemented and evaluated in the medical curriculum; and
  • Assess how culture has been integrated in the delivery of healthcare in various settings (e.g. clinic, hospital, community-based)

Oral presentations will be limited to 30 minutes; 10 minutes for student presentations


  • Abstract must be 250 words or less
    • Indicate whether you would like to be considered for an oral presentation, poster, or both

    • Include:

      • your name,

      • job/position title, (for students, identify level or program year, e.g., master’s, doctoral, MS-1, PGY-1)

      • name of organization, (for students, include major, specialty, e.g., psychology, public health, surgery)

      • presentation title,

      • e-mail address and contact phone number

      • ****If relevant, please include proof of IRB approval****

  • All those selected will be required to register for the conference at the appropriate rate (professional or student). SAVE UP TO $50.00 WITH EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION — BY OCT. 31, 2016.

Deadline for Submissions:    May 31, 2016

Notification of Selection by:    August 1, 2016

Please use the link below to submit your abstract: